DBX c1252H2 VCA information page – new 7/7/04

A few weeks ago, several of us DIY’ers, purchased some DBX VCA chips from
Michael Bacich. I believe Michael got a good deal on a large quantity of these and
shared his fortune with us synth DIY crazy type. So far, no one has any up and
running. Information has been hard to come by. To help those about to embark on using these, I have collected the following information and placed it here for you.

Courtesy of Osamu Hoshuyama:
DBX uPC1252 data sheet PDF (Japanese) (377K)
Anyone wanting to offer any translation information would be appreciated.
His collection of other synth info:

According to Harry Bissell, this data sheet from "That" corporation may be appropriate:
That 2150 VCA PDF (151K)
You can find That corporation here:

Michael Bacich reports that the 1252 chip is used in the DBX 160x compressor and
he sent along this information:
DBX 160X compressor block diagram PDF (56K)
DBX 160X compressor block diagram GIF (333K)
DBX 160X compressor schematic PDF (204K)
DBX 160X compressor schematic GIF (950K)

If you are successful with VCA projects using this chip, please pass information along
to me and I will include it here for the benefit of other DIYers.

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